The Perfect choice for your kitchen, the bathroom and every other room in your home!!

When it comes to the selection of your window coverings, it is important to understand what is required in the specific space, eg not all blinds are suitable for a bathroom.  You need a blind that can withstand moisture and potentially water. Luckily we have the answer.  

The Ecoplas range is made from various PVC compositions and stabilizers.  It has proven to be far superior to other materials offered in the market in both heat resistance and colour fastness in light shade colors only. The slatting can withstand Africa’s harsh UV sunlight and high temperatures without fading, especially in north facing windows. It can withstand the high humidity factors in coastal areas, thus making these blinds suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Ecoplas slatting is thicker than most other available imitation wood products and is coated with a special layer of UV designed wood grain paint to ensure more stability.

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