Indoor & Outdoor Trend

It is now a design trend to merge your indoor and outdoor spaces. Especially if you live in Zululand. With spring on its way, it is the right time to think about how to create such spaces.

It’s time for us to start enjoying relaxing afternoons outdoor again. The key to enjoying your outdoor space is making sure that you have a comfortable environment to be in. These types of spaces are perfect for outdoor entertaining and relaxing without exposure to the elements and nasty mossies.

One of the benefits of indoor/outdoor areas is opening up your interior space to feel bigger. This will allow you to enjoy sunlight and fresh air.

Tips for creating indoor & outdoor spaces

When you are considering creating an indoor/outdoor space, you need think about the following:

  1. Define the function of the space, eg outdoor dining, with additional space for relaxing.
  2. Use design elements to create a seamless flow eg similar flooring.
  3. Focus on a key point to link the spaces, such as large doors and windows.
  4. Bring elements of the outside in, such as using house plants to add the element of nature.
  5. Use your lighting wisely by letting natural light into the interior space.
  6. Choose a window treatment that helps to maintain your view of the outside, while maintaining privacy.
  7. Design for all year-round use.  Think about your options for covering that will make it possible to use the space all year round.

Shadeweave blinds help manage heat and glare, while maintaining your view of the outside. 

Outdoor blinds are a great solution for patios and entertainment areas, they filter heat and light, manage glare and provide a degree of weather protection.

Talk to us about all the different options that is available NOW!

When choosing blinds for windows, think about how you see this design option. Whether there will be a design that visually dissolves into the surrounding interior or a contrasting and stylish accent – the decision is yours, especially since, in 2021, you will have plenty to choose from.