Creating your own unique style in your home

Different window treatments and the combination of window treatments allow for the creation of unique one of a kind window treatment. Creating an interior space that is personal and unique to you and your family and/or your work family is one decision away.

​Most blinds lend itself to the wonderful combination of different colour and texture. With any blind option where different slats are installed next to each other, you can choose to have different colour combination of slats. For your office space, you can select different colours, like those of your brand colours.

Most suited to these options are:

  • Double Roller

  • Aluminium Venetian

  • Wooden Venetian

  • Plaswood/PVC Blinds

  • Vertical Blinds

Whether or not you should mix, and match window treatments also comes down to the layout of your home. If your home is open plan, the preferred choice is to use the same style of blinds, curtains or shutters throughout the open area, even if you do decide to mix and match the colors.